Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance

The board of directors recognize the critical role of company management. The company management policy and supervision system have been set by the board of directors to effectively execute mission of the company and meet with the approval shareholder objectives. All Directors have freedom to express their opinions also with their wide range of professional experience as a screening procedure to coordinate effective policy implementation in the framework of the corporate ethics with respect to the company's management. The board will not be involved in decisions about the management of daily tasks. Board of directors aim to reducing the risk.

Business Ethics

Company operation has followed with the principles of corporate governance and social environment responsibility in order to comply with the international standard on social responsibility and good practices for social entrepreneurship.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Prohibits Directors, executives and all employees of the company take any actions that associate with corruption in any kinds both directly and indirectly whether you are in a position to receive or to offer including monetary and non-monetary covered in every business and every sector. All relevant agencies must be reviewed the implementation of the policy against corruption strictly and regularly. The guidelines and requirements need to be reviewed in order to comply with changing regulations of business and in accordance with legal requirements.