Company’s Business

The Company has managed its own non-performing loans ("NPL") purchased from financial institutions or other companies selling its non-performing loans. For purchasing NPL from financial institutions via bidding process, the company will perform its due diligence and study on bidding NPLs such as loan type, overdue period, etc. In order to assess opportunity to be repaid by NPL clients and then propose bidding price to purchase by considering proposed purchase ratio to face value or gross loan vale or depending on the conditions of NPL seller. If the Company wins the bidding, then to examine NPL details such as loan contract, overdue period, plus client details, etc. In order to summarize list of NPL debts to be transferred and to start debt collection process after that, and to meet the recovery target.

In addition to the debt management business, The Company also provide debt collection services to third parties that these creditors does not want to collect debt by themselves or cannot collect their debts by the reasons that revenues incurred from debt collection do not match with its collection expenses. where these services require experienced and skillful debt collection team.

Currently, the Company provides several kinds of debt collection such as personal loan, auto hire purchase loan, tractor hire purchase loan, and mobile phone airtime debt, etc. where these creditors will provide loan and debtor details to the Company. The Company will start its collection process by searching more debtor information, examine, and contract debtors for the purpose of negotiating and convincing debtors to repay the loan under the terms that the creditor has set for the Company on a success basis once successfully collect the debt for debtor, payable debt collection fee as a percentage of gross debt that debtor pays to client.