Company’s History


Venture Incorporation Public Company Limited , formerly known as Circuit Electronics Industry Public Company Limited , has been established since 1984.


Registered as a public company on August 16, 1995, The Company is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of electronic parts, electronics circuits.


The Company raised its capital via an initial public offering in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 5 July 1996.


Following the Thai financial crisis in 2005, the Company has entered into rehabilitation under the Thai Central Bankruptcy Court.


Later in 2015, the Thai Central Bankruptcy Court has ordered the Company to exit its rehabilitation process under the Court.

In 2015, the Company suspended its old business operation and to consider investing in a new business in order to create and ensure the company’s stability including non-performing loan management and debt collection services, And the company has invested in non-performing loan portfolio, auto hire purchase loan type, with changing its objectives in order to support investment in non-performing loan and debt collection services provided to third parties, including other businesses in relation to non-performing loan and debt collection services, and changing to new company name “Venture Incorporation Public Company Limited” and changing its public symbol from “CIRKIT” to “VI”


In January 2016, the Company had established V.I. Capital Company Limited (VIC) become subsidiaries of the Company, purpose for invest in asset management business. In February 2016 VIC have acquire capital stock of Regional Asset Management Company Limited (RAM) amount 100 percent of total share. RAM could operate in asset management business under AMC Certificated, which issued by BOT.


In March, 2017, V.I. Capital Company Limited (“Subsidiary” or “VIC”)  had purchased the total amount  100 percent of total shares of Supphayasitthi Service Company Limited (“SUP”)  Which provide services by the debt collection agency to another person.

In October, 2017, V.I. Capital Company Limited (“Subsidiary” or “VIC”)  had purchased the total amount 20 percent of total shares of  Anypay Company Limited (“Anypay”)  Which provide services   agent for payment of goods and services through information technology, the Internet and electronic.


The Company and its subsidiaries have contributed to the business operations of various financial institutions, The debt collection service of financial institutions, The purchase non-performing loan portfolio from financial institutions to manage.